IR Extend Remote Control AH174

SKU: AH174

IR Extend Remote Control Over HDMI Signal Adapter Cable Dual Band Durable AH174

Control your device Hidden in a Closet or Cupboard from the comfy spot on your couch.
Easy installation, simple operation.
No external power supply.
IR extend distance is up to 25m (Depends on the quality and length of the HDMI cable).
Control: To choose the CEC/IR extend function by manual (Need to switch two IR Adapter on IR status).
Compatible with HDMI splitter, can control 12 devices at most(1 Emitter controls 1 device).

Color: Black
Housing Material: Plastic
Carrier Frequency: Dual Band (30KHz-56KHz)
Receiving distance: 12m
Maximum Operating Current: 15mA

1. Use one HDMI Cable to connect Both IR Adapter.
2. Connect one of the IR Adapter to an HD Source, the other to a Display.
3. Connect IR Receiver Cable to the IR Adapter on the Display.
4. Connect IR Transmitter Cable to the IR Adapter on the HD Source.

Note: Please use the standard HDMI Cable.

Package Includes:
1 x IR Receiver Cable (IR-RX)
1 x IR Emitter Cable (IR-TX)
2 x HDMI Male to Female IR Adapter

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