100x Tubeless Tire Puncture Repair Kit MA874

SKU: MA874

100x Tubeless Tire Tyre Puncture Repair Kit Strips Plug Car Van Truck New MA874

High Quality 100pcs Quick Tire Leaks Repair Rubber Strips.
Essential for vehicles with tubeless tyres.
A purchase to meet the needs of multiple use.
Long life span and convenient to use.

Material: Rubber
Color: Black
Dimension: 100mm x 4mm / 3.9" x 0.16"

1. Mark the puncture position of your tire, remove the object that caused the puncture.
2. Use the tyre spiral probe to find out the punctured direction, and clean the dust debris along the direction.
3. Cut one end of the strip into oblique mouth and put it through the aperture hole of the insertion needle, make both ends of strip length consistent.
4. Insert the insertion needle into the tires at the puncture position, ensure the strip has been inserted 2/3 length ( please make sure the strip has been inserted into the tire body, otherwise the strip might slide out when the tire inflated), rotate 360 degrees and then remove the needle.
5. Cut off the rest of the strip at the outside of the tire. Inflate the tire and test for leak.

Note: The Tools are not included.

Package Includes:
100 x Rubber Strips

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